Private Services List and Fees

Please review our list of Non NHS work that we offer at the practice, which attract a fee. This includes certificates, forms, medical examinations and various travel vaccinations.

This practice does not provide housing letters or passport counter-signatures.

Please note, some documents may require fees to be paid in advance.

Private Prescription £15
Private Sick Note £15
Straightforward letters, forms, certificates of fact or Notes (without full medical examination)
– Certificate to confirm attendance at GP surgery
– Free from infection
– Fitness letter for travel abroad/sports/ school/ university
– Certificate of incapacity
– Confirmation of medical diagnosis
– Surgery/ GP stamp on a document filled in by a GP during consultation
– Simple letter detailing prescription medication
– Vaccination certificate
– Sickness/ accident benefit private insurance claim form (BUPA)
School fees insurance claim form
– Holiday cancelation simple certificate
– Holiday cancellation simple insurance claim form
NB: Alternative charge may be be applied if not a standard template letter or if any adjustments are made to standard template letter.
 HGV £100
 All Taxi, HGV Medicals and Bus Medicals£100 
 All Taxi, HGV Medicals and Bus Medicals (Elderly driver)£80 
 Report on a pro forma (no examination eg, insurance claim for accident, travel, illness)£89.50
 Written medical report (no examination, detailed opinion and statement on condition)£95
 Comprensive clinical examination (report, certificate or completion of forms- 1hr appt)£133
 Police statement£60
 ‘To whom it may concern’ letter- Fee depending on length (e.g. home office)From £30
 Cremation form 4 or 5 for funeral director£82
 GP factual reports for insurance companies (life assurance/ income protection)£102.20
 GP supplementary report for insurance company£30
 Paternity blood test£37.90
 Child minder health form£87.50
 Gender recognition medical report pro-forma£80
 Hepatitis B vaccination£40